I Took A Reflection Break And It Was Great

Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash

You may have noticed that I’ve been inactive for a while, from blogging and social media. A lot has happened and I needed to take some time off. I’m sure you were taught, like myself, that things happen for a reason. I don’t always believe that, but I will concede the time off helped me re-center.  During this time, I took on some new challenges and meditated. I invested into myself and my family.  Overall, I recharged.  I even managed to take a vacation!

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Its Your Brand Make It A Winning Personal Brand

Man in suit drinking coffee.
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

We all agree that branding is important to businesses, companies lose money when bad press comes out. How they respond can say more than the mistake or bad press. The same is true for your personal brand. Your personal brand is important to how you are viewed by people and companies. Your brand is more than your resume or LinkedIn profile. It includes, your online presence such as blogging and tweeting, in addition to your interactions with others in your industry. Whether it is big or small, everyone has a personal brand.

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Additional Articles and How to Follow Me

Picture of Nicholas Keene
Picture of Nicholas Keene

I am active on a number of social media sites and writing platforms. This quick article will highlight a few of the additional articles I have written for other platforms and how to follow me on social media. That way you can stay current on what I’m working on and testing discussions.

Additional Articles

Over the past year, I have written a few articles on LinkedIn revolving testing and balance. I recommend taking a look at them if you like what I have written here. Below are links to articles I have written for LinkedIn, DZone.com, and Testlio’s company blog.

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