Picture of Nicholas Keene
Picture of Nicholas Keene

About Nicholas Keene

I am a software and technology enthusiast that specializes in quality. The demands on Quality are high; reduce testing time and improve test coverage. You need someone with a proven passion for improving quality. I have taken this challenge on with each company that I have worked at!  With each company, I have brought his enthusiasm for continuous delivery and innovation. I have managed teams onsite, remotely, and offshore. As a mentor, I have developed team members and groomed team leaders.

With experience in  blackbox testing, User Acceptance Testing, and creating automation frameworks from scratch.  These are the languages and tools that I commonly work with.

  • Seleinum Webdriver
  • WebDriverIO (WDIO)
  • Cucumber / Capybara
  • Ruby

Currently Reading

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Gregory McKeown.  

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