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Picture of Nicholas Keene
Picture of Nicholas Keene

Why Should You Hire Me?

Product delivery is often slowed and product quality is lowered by QA teams that are slow, have ineffective testing processes, and blind spots in their testing. This leads to consumer/user frustration, lower sales and higher burn. With my consulting services, I solve these problems by:

    • Reviewing and analyzing your existing processes and QA staff and providing feedback on how they can improve
    • Setting up new processes for your QA department
    • Supplementing your current team by helping in the interviewing and hiring process for perm workers and consulting firms (for onshore and offshore)
    • And jumping in with testing as needed
    • Managing department changes on an interim basis

When I’m done your QA team will be responsive, transparent in testing status, and better suited to the needs of your engineering and product teams.

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