Additional Articles and How to Follow Me

Picture of Nicholas Keene
Picture of Nicholas Keene

I am active on a number of social media sites and writing platforms. This quick article will highlight a few of the additional articles I have written for other platforms and how to follow me on social media. That way you can stay current on what I’m working on and testing discussions.

Additional Articles

Over the past year, I have written a few articles on LinkedIn revolving testing and balance. I recommend taking a look at them if you like what I have written here. Below are links to articles I have written for LinkedIn,, and Testlio’s company blog.

Additional Articles on

If you are new to, welcome! I write about software testing, test automation, and life in QA. As a result, I have a few different types of articles that you might be interested in. Below is a sampling of some that I think you will be interested in.

Follow Me on Social Media

We are all connected to social media these days. Social media is an excellent way to keep updated with people and companies. I like to follow trends in software testing on several platforms, here is how you can follow me


Of course the best way to follow what is happening on is to subscribe to my email list. I am work on new content all of the time, by subscribing you will be updated of when new articles are published.

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